Continuity Merchant Account Services

Business owners are always looking for new ways to expand what they offer their customers. It can take several months or, in some cases, years to perfect products of service packages. Here are a few tips for using continuity merchant account services

Companies of all sizes spend time figuring out how much they can spend to obtain new customers. This advertising amount can, in some cases, put the business at an immediate loss because they are planning on making the profit up with future orders. Persuading new customers to reorder after an initial purchase is challenging. Sending out email promotions or connecting with them on social sites does not guarantee future sales. 

Continuity merchant services allow the product or service to be repurchased on a set billing schedule. Traditional merchant services will flag these repeat charges as fraudulent. It is extremely challenging to reach out to these customers and have them reorder. They may not understand the billing issue, and simply seek out another provider for the goods or services. Multiple chargebacks may refund customers for products that may have already been shipped out. This loss due to chargebacks will affect business profits negatively. Traditional merchant service providers will associate the chargebacks to the business and flag the account. They will label the business itself as high-risk and will not process future transactions. This creates an embarrassing problem for the business if they are unable to process payments. 

Choose continuity merchant services that understand the dynamics of what the business is offering. They understand that each home business or brick and mortar business is structured differently. 

Work with continuity merchant account services to property set up a recurring payment. Business owners who bill their clients for repeat service rendered or software can set up the billing cycle to meet the needs of each product. Charges can occur biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually with continuity merchant services. 

There are options for business owners that have lost accounts with merchant account providers due to being labeled high-risk. Reach out to continuity merchant account services for assistance starting a new account. Options are available for business owners who have had credit issues in the past. Each day that passes without the proper billing resources available is a day of lost income for the business. Expect swift turnaround times for applications submitted online or over the phone. Use these tips when improving a business with continuity merchant services.