Face To Face In A Virtual Space: How The Face Of Banking Is Changing

If you recently pulled up to a drive-thru bank line and you were greeted by a video screen with someone talking and then a face popped up on screen, you were met with the newest technology in banking. This is the video banking everyone is talking about, and not everyone has experienced yet. Not surprisingly, only the biggest banks in the biggest cities have rolled out these new banking features, but they are becoming more popular. The face of banking is changing, and with it, the way you interact with people is over a video feed. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see take place.

Unmanned Drive-Ups

Right now, video technology in bank drive-ups might include a combination of a teller and a video screen projected from inside the teller station. However, more and more banks are moving toward the unmanned teller stations with video screens. These are stand-alone booths belonging to the banks that have pneumatic tubes that deliver your deposits to the bank nearby, possibly on a neighboring property across the street, and the teller communicates with you through a video screen. That teller may be inside the bank during business hours or in a home office much farther away. An automated system manages the transactions after-hours, like an ATM would, when the bank is closed and the drive-up screens are being answered by telecommuting tellers. 

ATM Screens

Whether you know it or not, you are being recorded by a camera every time you drive up to an ATM to make a transaction. Instead of just having a camera record what is going on, banks are attempting to incorporate tellers by building video screens right into the ATMs. The reason behind this technological improvement is to help customers with any difficulties they are having with their transactions on the spot.

Additionally, with the video banking and live feed of a banking professional or teller, it is possible for customers to apply for a loan or line of credit through an ATM and have it automatically deposited into their accounts on the spot (if approved). That means that you could essentially apply for a car loan while getting cash out of an ATM and know right away that the money is available for you to buy a car without having to make a separate appointment to see a lending officer.

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